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 Thank you for writing Abracadabra Tut. It was a wonderful book! In fact, I loved it so much that I would appreciate it if you can make an Abracadabra Tut series. My favorite characters are Fletcher (aka Ramses) and Phashed. I hope Fletcher and Arielle will have more adventures!!

- Reader, age 10


It's an exciting trip back in time, and King Tut's court is vividly portrayed. There's lots of ancient Egyptian excitement and intrigue, and Fletcher and Arielle are worthy protagonists. This is a good one for the younger middle grade reader who went through an Egypt phase as a younger child (which many of them seem to do!). The adventures are exciting without being so gruesomely intense that they disturb, and the story is straightforward, with Fletcher's magic tricks adding a lightness to ensemble.  It's not quite complex enough to deeply engage older readers, but for the nine or ten year old, I think its spot on.

- Charlotte’s Library

A nice level of suspense was maintained throughout the book. I thought the author brilliant for making Fletcher a magician, as I could truly imagine how these skills could help him in ancient Egypt. There was often built-in tension as I waited to see if his magic tricks would work. Also, it was very funny to have people amazed at Fletcher for seeming to pull a coin out of their ear. There were some great scenes of ancient Egypt such as hippo hunting with King Tut, Fletcher getting his head shaved, and Arielle mummifying a cat.

- Susan Olsen, Time Travel Times Two


Fletcher Perry, a somewhat-nerdy middle school student and amateur magician is the unexpected recipient of an Egyptian coffin that was sold at an auction. Although he is ecstatic with the ancient object that he plans to use for his magic shows, the mysterious woman who purchased it left no instructions and no contact information on her business card, except for ISIS:  Agent to the Stars. News of his acquisition spreads, and Arielle, the most popular girl in class, encourages him to have a magic show during the end-of-the-school-year dance. When she agrees to be his assistant, neither of them knows that the last trick when they get into the coffin will take them back in time during the reign of King Tut.


Award-winning author Page McBrier spins a fantastical adventure that is replete with the latest findings on Tutankhamun, better known as the Boy King. McBrier has created two unique dynamic characters who not only have to think back to what they learned in social studies class to survive, but also they learn a thing or two about themselves in the process. Even though Fletcher loves magic, he lacks confidence in his abilities. Arielle, on the other hand, is arrogant and rude. Aside of personalities, these protagonists need to become a team to get back home.


Written in third person, she keeps her narrative moving by aptly utilizing her literary skills through a delightful mix of comedy, constant brainstorming on the part of Fletcher and Arielle, and un-hackneyed twists and turns – all intertwined in rich Egyptian history.


McBrier keeps her tween readers engaged. ABRACADABRA TUT, is not only action-packed, but also a fun way to learn a bit of history.

- IndieReader

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